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Chemical Peels

If you have fine wrinkles, pigmentation spots, acne, acne scarring, large pores, dry skin or just wish to improve the texture of your skin, a chemical peel may be your answer.

chemical peels

Chemical Peels by GLO SKIN BEAUTY & Control Corrective

Control Corrective Vitamin A Lactic Peel  $55     *Series of 4*  $160.00

Cleanse, exfoliate, moisturize and peel!  This medium peel progressively fades hyper-pigmentation, increases cell turnover and stimulation of collagen production.  Excellent for uneven texture, sun-damage, and dark spots.  Can be added to any facial service for an excellent booster for hyper-pigmented skin.  ** ADD to any facial $20**  Leave peel on for 4 to 6 hours or overnight, the gently wash off.  You will see light peeling within 2 to 3 days.  Series of 4 peels, every two weeks, will accelerate the fading of unwanted pigment. 

GLO Hydration Lactic Acid Peel  $95   *Series of 3*  $255    *Series of 6*  $484.50

This hydrating peel will smooth, hydrate and brighten your skin without drying.  Green tea and willow extract allow the AHA lactic acid to exfoliate without irritation.  Excellent to help balance the skins PH levels.  Go to solution for dull, unevenly pigmented skin this peel will smooth and brighten skin, increase hydration, refine texture, even out pigmentation and uncover brightness. Lactic acid is the preferred option for dry and sensitive skin with added antioxidants to help repair damage and strengthen skin.

GLO Enzyme Peel   $90     *Series of 3*  $250    *Series of 6*  $480.00

Designed for oily or congested skin prone to breakouts, this professional chemical exfoliant smooths skin's surface by breaking down and removing skin cell build up.  Antioxidants cranberry and pomegranate provide anti-inflammatory and nourishing benefits. 

GLO Jessner Peel  $110    *Series of 3*  $280.50     *Series of 6*   $535.50

This epidermal peel significantly reverses the signs of aging and or treats impacted acne.  The depth and intensity of this treatment requires downtime.  Benefits of this peel will improve quality and tone of skin texture.  Reduce acne scarring and ingrown hairs, reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, reduce acne, and reduce hyper-pigmentation.  Can be performed every 6 weeks.  Great for oily, acne, aging, and hyper-pigmented skin. 

Recommendation's and Do's Before a Peel:

Wash hair the day of procedure (face needs to remain dry after all peels and 48 hours after Jessner Peel.)  Wear comfortable clothing.
Avoid waxing at least one week before and after peel.  Avoid tanning one week prior to peel and after peel.  Avoid sun exposure after peel.  Avoid wearing makeup or jewelry to peel appointment.  Avoid any activity or exercise that will cause sweating after peel and 48 hours after Jessner Peel.
Must be off of accutane for 6 months, cannot perform peels on rashes, lesions, eczema, psorasis, pregnant or breastfeeding, sensitive to aspirin, recent face lift or asthma.  Best to be off Retinol for one week prior to peel.