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Greg Logan, Massage Therapist License #14548-146

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Christine Ramm, Esthetician License #953-86

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Sandie Kisting, Massage Therapist License #11024-146

Esthetician License #118-86

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Sharon Hartjes, Massage Therapist License #2800-146

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Brittany Bradley, Massage Therapist License #13606-146

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Allison Ballard Massage Therapist License #14645-146

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Featuring Allison Ballad, LMT.  As a massage therapist, Allison listens using her hands.  With a variety of swedish massage techniques at her disposal, she matches depth, pressure and speed to your body, following your body’s unique shape and tension patterns.  She is always trying new ways to engage the body’s natural ability to relax, and no two massages are the same!  Allison is particularly skilled in head, neck and face massage techniques.  She has a sunny demeanor and a creative mind.  In her free time she plays music, dances and works on an organic vegetable farm.

This month Allison is offering a Winter Warm Up Package of a FREE hot stones upgrade with a 60 or 90 minute massage session scheduled with Allison!

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