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Meet our Therapists

Chelsea Lafferty
Esthetician & Eyelash Technician, Reiki Therapist

I’m Chelsea! I received my cosmetology license through Academy Of Beauty Professionals as well as gaining my eyelash extension certification from The Skin Care Studio.  I have been in the beauty industry nearing 5 years. I’ve seen a lot in this industry from management, mentor, educator and being full time behind the chair. Overtime I’ve gravitated towards more of the skin care side and the beauty of it all! With my free time I love to garden, paint, read, meditate, bake and travel as much as possible! Oh! Did I mention that I am also a Usui Reiki Master? At an early age, I thought it was completely natural to sense things outside of the physical dimension. As I grew older, I pursued these gifts. My work is not religious, it is spiritual.  I am beyond blessed that Haven Spa welcomed me with love and open arms! I am overwhelmed with excitement of giving people the happiness, relaxation, and healing that everyone deserves.

Renee Gayk  Massage Therapist

License # 4599-146

Ms. Renee is the sweetest massage therapist you will come across.  She is a graduate of Blue Sky School of Massage 2004.  With her years of experience and talented hands she specializes in deep relaxation, swedish and pressure point therapy.  She believes massage is part of taking care of oneself and necessary for stress relief in today's busy society.  Renee is known for her caring heart.  ~ Be humble and kind~

Shelly Hadley Massage Therapist

License # 11629-146

Ms. Shelly is a graduate of AspiriTouch Institute of Massage Therapy 1998.  Shelly has been with The Haven since the beginning years and still is with us today as an on call therapist.  She specializes in deep relaxation massage and swedish techniques. Her many years of experience and dear heart make her a valuable asset to the spa, she believes in the good in all things.  ~ love and peace of mind do protect us~

Haley Johnson  Manager/ Receptionist 

Ms. Haley is studying to be a esthetician at The Aveda Institute Madison and has a very strong passion in everything skincare!  With her excellent communication skills and strong work ethics Haley is happy to find a place where she can do what she loves best... helping others in all ways possible.  ~ hard work does not make you rich, but it definitely improves your chances~

Jennifer Gatehouse Massage Therapist

License # 10089-146

Ms. Jennifer Gatehouse has been a massage therapist for 24 years and brings a tremendous amount of experience to The Haven Spa.  She is a gifted massage therapist specializing in deep relaxation, swedish, deep tissue, trigger point therapy, shiatsu, craniosacral therapy, myofascial release, accupressure, reiki, sports and reflexology.  ~ beauty is the light in the heart~

Heidi Norman  Massage Therapist

License # 3466-146

Heidi specializes in many massage modalities specializing in sports massage, deep tissue, relaxation, swedish, lymphatic drainage and stretching techniques.   Her favorite thing about working as a massage therapist is connecting with her clients and providing them a sense of relief.  ~  After customers see me for a massage they should feel like they can go do life again~

Christine Ramm  Massage Therapist and Esthetician


License #  Massage Therapy 1309-146     License # Esthetician  953-86

Christine is the owner of The Haven Spa since 2003, graduate of Minneapolis School of Massage and Bodywork 1999 and Martins College of Esthetics 2003.  She is a dual -licensed therapist specializing in both skin care and massage therapy.  She has a strong passion to help others through healing touch and through her hands she projects her heart.  She specializes in deep tissue, swedish, relaxation, trigger point therapy especially known for upper back and neck work for relief with headaches, migraines, TMJ and muscle pain/tension.  She also has a love for skin care and has a passion for treating skin of all types specializing in chemical peels, anti-aging for fine line/ wrinkles and hyper-pigmentation, firming skin and getting the results customers desire.  ~ Believe in yourself and you will achieve~