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Meet Our Therapists

Laura Schaeffer  Massage Therapist License #4210-146
Esthetician License #1291-86                  (Laura's Info Coming Soon)
Allison Ballard  Massage Therapist LIcense  #14645-146 

Ms. Allison Ballard Massage Therapist.  Allison is a graduate of Madison College Therapeutic Massage Program 2018.  She specializes in swedish, relaxation, deep tissue, trigger point therapy and acupressure techniques.  Allison feels every massage should be uniquely designed for each client to provide the best session to improve both physical and mental well- being.  Allison's experience with aromatherapy, range of motion and body stretching skills has made her an extremely valuable therapist.  She is known for her positive energy and patience.  ~ Believe and you will achieve ~

Brittany Bradley  Massage Therapist License  #13606-146 

If you like deep pressure and a firm touch Brittany is your therapist.  She specializes in swedish, relaxation, therapeutic, sports, deep tissue, thai massage and lymph drainage techniques.  She is a graduate of Capri College with 6 years of experience.  Brittany's massage techniques are meaningful with the intent of customizing her techniques to meet all clients demands.  She has many goals set for her future here at The Haven and is always learning new techniques, cupping is on her list of continuing education.  ~ Positivity, success and confidence, what you think about is what you bring into your life  ~

Laurel Brack  Massage Therapist License  #14394-146  

Ms. Laurel Brack Massage Therapist.  Laurel is a graduate of Healing Arts Center with a focus on therapeutic massage techniques, including myofascial release, deep tissue, swedish, and therapeutic relaxation techniques.  Laurel is known for her advanced techniques in Hawiian lomi lomi and healing prayer massage.  Laurel is focused on wholistic wellness addressing her massage sessions to the person's body, spirit and soul.   She is known for her healing, therapeutic and dynamic massage techniques, her big heart and amazing ability to heal and help others.  ~  Life is beautiful, relax, have faith and laugh a little  ~ 

Renee Gayk  Massage Therapist License  #4599-146

Renee is a graduate from Blue Sky School of Massage receiving a diploma in Medical Massage therapy.  She is  passionate about helping others through a variety of massage modalities.  Renee has 12 years of experience in the Madison area, specializing in swedish, relaxation, deep tissue and trigger point therapy.  Renee listens through her hands and is able to deliver what the body needs in her massage sessions.  She is known for her patience, her devotion to her work, and her caring personality.   ~ Helping others is one of life's greatest gifts, take time for yourself and receive the beauty of massage  ~

Christine Ramm  Massage Therapist License # 1309-146
Esthetician License #953-86

Ms. Christine Ramm Massage Therapist and Esthetician.  Owner of the Haven Spa since 2003, performing massage therapy services since 1998, and skincare services since 2003.  Christine specializes in therapeutic, deep tissue, trigger and pressure point therapy.  Christine has a unique way of using her hands and intuition to help others with chronic pain and headaches and has specialized in upper back and neck work for years.  Christine finds it extremely rewarding helping others through the healing touch of massage and giving a client an amazing experience at the Haven.  Christine also enjoys working as an esthetician treating all different skin types and concerns, and finds advanced facial treatments, anti-aging and chemical peels to be an amazing addition to helping others.    ~ Take time for you and feel good both inside and out  ~

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