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Massage Therapy

Mini Massage $50 

Relax for a half hour massage session designed for specific problematic areas.  (30 minutes)

45 Minute Massage  $65 

Relax further if 30 minutes is just not long enough for problematic areas.  (45 minutes)

Customized Massage   $80 

Relax for a one-hour massage session designed to suit your individual needs. Whether a full body relaxation or intense back and neck, let our professionals customize the best massage for you.  (60 minutes)

Ultimate Massage   $100 

For those who feel an hour goes too quickly!! Relax and enjoy a full body massage leaving our professionals with plenty of time to emphasize on problematic areas.  (75 minutes)

Royalty Massage   $115

A truly indulgent massage experience.  (90 minutes)

Couples Massage Retreat   $225.00 

Our Signature treatment, Relax and renew together in our new room with a fireplace devoted exclusively for couples. Enjoy champagne and strawberries while soaking your feet with tea tree oils in our warm foot bath. This is followed by a one hour full body relaxing massage with choice of aromatherapy, using hot stones and hot towels for back and neck. (80 minutes)  No discounts applied.

Couples Massage 75 Minutes  $255.00
Couples Massage 90 Minutes  $280.00
Pregnancy Massage  (60 minutes)  $85   Pregnancy Massage (90 minutes)  $125

Can no longer lie on your stomach?  Come and try the Prego-pillow, or the many many pillows we have available for side-line position to ensure your ultimate comfort. Relax and enjoy this specially designed massage, to suit the individual needs of women throughout this exciting time.

Hot Stone Massage  $95 

Aromatherapy oil and heated soothing stones are used to massage away all your aches and pains. Designed to put you in a state of tranquility that you have never experienced before.  (60 minutes)

Hot Stone Massage extended   $125 

For those who feel an hour goes too quickly.  (90 minutes)


Series and Membership Info

Series!  Amazing discounts!  Save up to $15 off every massage.

Buy 4   30 minute massages  $180  Save $20

Buy 4   45 minute massages  $228  Save $32

Buy 4   60 minute massages  $280  Save $40

Buy 4   75 minute massages  $360  Save $40

Buy 4   90 minute massages  $420  Save $40


Buy 8   30 minute massages  $344  Save  $56

Buy 8   45 minute massages  $440  Save  $80

Buy 8   60 minute massages  $520  Save  $120

Buy 8   75 minute massages  $680  Save  $120

Buy 8   90 minute massages  $796  Save  $124