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Package Specials


The Haven spa will allow any spa service of your choice in a series package and discount a package created specially just for you.
The Retreat: (1.5 hours) $115.00 

Includes customized massage and steam canopy.

The Replenisher: (2 hours) $155.00 

Includes one hour massage and customized facial.

The Escape: (2.5 hours) $200 

Includes customized massage, customized facial, foot stress reliever.

The Refuge: (2.5 hours) $210.00 

Includes customized massage, mini facial, steam canopy, foot stress reliever.

The Serene: (3 hours) $225.00 

Includes royalty massage, customized facial, hand and foot paraffin.

The Sanctuary: (4 hours) $295.00 

Includes customized massage, European facial, seawater scrub with steam canopy treatment and foot stress reliever.

The Haven: (4 hours) $315.00 

Includes royalty massage, customized facial, seawater scrub and foot stress reliever.


Buy 4   30 minute massages  $180  Save $20
Buy 4   45 minute massages  $228  Save $32
Buy 4   60 minute massages  $280  Save $40
Buy 4   75 minute massages  $360  Save $40
Buy 4   90 minute massages  $400  Save  $40
Buy 8   30 minute massages   $344  Save $56
Buy 8   45 minute massage    $440  Save  $80
Buy 8   60 minute massages   $530  Save $110
Buy 8   75 minute massages   $680  Save  $120
Buy 8   90 minute massages   $800  Save  $120


**10% OFF Re-Books**

Just re-book your massage and or facial session before you leave and automatically get 10% OFF your next appointment.  Does not apply to couples packages or spa packages or other discounts.

Cold and Flu season has arrived in full force.  Please remember that we cannot see you for a massage or spa session if you are ill.  Please call and cancel your appointments right away if you even think you are coming down with a cold or illness.  Not only do we want to stay healthy as your therapist it is not recommended to get a spa treatment or massage when a virus or flu is in your system and can be dangerous.  If you are feeling ill please call right away to reschedule, please don't wait until the day of or the morning of your treatment.  If we recognize that you are sick we will kindly ask that you reschedule, this will save everyone time and save you a trip to the spa.  Thanks a ton!  - Haven