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Massage Therapy

Mini Massage $50 

Relax for a half hour massage session designed for specific problematic areas.  (30 minutes)

40 Minute Massage  $65 

Relax further if 30 minutes is just not long enough for problematic areas.  (45 minutes)

Customized Massage   $80 

Relax for a one-hour massage session designed to suit your individual needs. Whether a full body relaxation or intense back and neck, let our professionals customize the best massage for you.  (60 minutes)

Ultimate Massage   $100 

For those who feel an hour goes too quickly!! Relax and enjoy a full body massage leaving our professionals with plenty of time to emphasize on problematic areas.  (75 minutes)

Royalty Massage   $115

A truly indulgent massage experience.  (90 minutes)

Couples Massage Retreat   $225.00 

Our Signature treatment, Relax and renew together in our new room with a fireplace devoted exclusively for couples. Enjoy champagne and chocolates while soaking your feet with tea tree oils in our warm foot bath. This is followed by a one hour full body relaxing massage with choice of aromatherapy, using hot stones and hot towels for back and neck. (75 minutes)  No discounts applied.

Couples Massage (75 Minute Massage)  $255.00
Couples Massage (90 Minute Massage)  $280.00
Pregnancy Massage  (60 minutes)  $85   Pregnancy Massage (90 minutes)  $120

Can no longer lie on your stomach?  Come and try the many pillows we have available for side-line position to ensure your ultimate comfort. Relax and enjoy this specially designed massage, to suit the individual needs of women throughout this exciting time.

Hot Stone Massage  $95 

Heated soothing stones are used to massage away all your aches and pains. Allow the stones to work deeper into the muscles using heat and pressure to break up those stubborn more difficult knots.  Designed to put you in a state of tranquility that you have never experienced before.  (60 minutes)

Hot Stone Massage extended   $125 

For those who feel an hour goes too quickly.  (90 minutes)


Series and Membership Info

Series!  Amazing discounts!  Save up to $15 off every massage.

Buy 4   30 minute massages  $180  Save $20

Buy 4   45 minute massages  $228  Save $32

Buy 4   60 minute massages  $280  Save $40

Buy 4   75 minute massages  $360  Save $40

Buy 4   90 minute massages  $420  Save $40


Buy 8   30 minute massages  $344  Save  $56

Buy 8   45 minute massages  $440  Save  $80

Buy 8   60 minute massages  $530  Save  $110

Buy 8   75 minute massages  $680  Save  $120

Buy 8   90 minute massages  $800  Save  $120

Cold and Flu season has arrived in full force.  Please remember that we cannot see you for a massage or spa session if you are ill.  Please call and cancel your appointments right away if you even think you are coming down with a cold or illness.  Not only do we want to stay healthy as your therapist it is not recommended to get a spa treatment or massage when a virus or flu is in your system and can be dangerous.  If you are feeling ill please call right away to reschedule, please don't wait until the day of or the morning of your treatment.  If we recognize that you are sick we will kindly ask that you reschedule, this will save everyone time and save you a trip to the spa.  Thanks a ton!  - Haven