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Body Treatments

Ocean Room
Inspired By The Sea
Marine based therapies offer far more than the ocean’s simple charm. Seawater is indispensable for health and is the only natural resource on earth containing all essential trace minerals.
Beach Treatment   $115

Includes a moisturizing full body coconut scrub to exfoliate and invigorate the skin from the seas of Zanzibar. Continue to relax with coconut aromatherapy during a relaxing face and scalp massage, a hot towel press for the face, followed by a full body hot towel press to remove all coconut scrub. Finishing with our ultra -moisturizing full body application of our bora bora lotion and the costa rica moisturizing body water.  A must try to experience the world seas from phytoceane!  (55 minutes)

Seawater Scrub $105

Allow the power of seawater containing all naturally occurring trace elements to mineralize, balance, de-stress and restore cellular functions during this extremely hydrating body treatment. This scrub includes full body exfoliation using seawater salts and an herbal blend of massage oils to provide stimulation and energy to the skin, followed by a hot towel removal and full body moisturization.   A truly replenishing and remineralizing treatment.  (55 minutes)

Ear Candling   $65

Ear candling is a safe and gentle way to cleanse the ear canal of any wax build-up and other obstructions contributing to hearing loss, and various ear and sinus disorders.  (30 minutes)

Foot-stress Reliever   $60

For those who tend to neglect the most abused body part.  Enjoy a relaxing leg and foot scrub with seawater scrub and invigorating herbal blend with peppermint that will leave your feet feeling tingling and refreshed.  Hot towels and hot stones included.  A must for those who love extra feet work.   (30 minutes)

Steam Canopy Treatment  $60  (Currently Unavailable due to Covid -19)

The perfect compliment to any massage experience. Rejuvenate your body and mind while a canopy is placed over you and steam is used to detoxify and cleanse the body. Aromatherapy and face massage included. Highly effective for congestion and sinus problems.  (30 minutes)

Gratuity Policy:  20%

Cold & Flu Protection

Please remember that we cannot see you for a massage or spa session if you are ill.  Please call and cancel your appointments right away if you even think you are coming down with a cold or illness OR do not schedule appointments around covid booster shots.  Not only do we want to stay healthy as your therapist it is not recommended to get a spa treatment or massage when a virus or flu is in your system and can be dangerous.  If you are feeling ill please call right away to reschedule, please don't wait until the day of or the morning of your treatment.  If we recognize that you are sick we will kindly ask that you reschedule, this will save everyone time and save you a trip to the spa.  Please always check our cancellation policy when scheduling.  Please note, same day cancellations due to illness or emergency you are still charged full price although will get 50% OFF next scheduled appointment.  At the Haven we understand that last minute things can come up or you wake up sick, but we need something in place to protect our therapist.  We only strive to be the best in all ways!

Thank you ~ Haven