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Facial Services

Glo Skin
Customized Facial $90 

Improve your skin’s natural texture with the perfect facial to meet the needs of all skin types, whether sensitive, aging or mature, or acne skin. Let our professionals design the best treatment to leave your skin revitalized and renewed. Includes face, neck and shoulder, and hand or foot massage.  (55 minutes)

Firm Facial $98  

This anti-aging facial for flawless skin will leave your skin noticeably firmer and smoother.  Treats fine lines, wrinkles and loss of firmness.  Includes cleansing mask peel, deep cleansing exfoliation, fruit peel with AHA, OR hydra radiance lactic peel is applied for deep exfoliation, phyto-active firming mask (leaving your skin 26.7% noticeably firmer) vitamin C serum with high frequency & more.  Includes a calming facial/neck/shoulder massage and both hand and foot massage.  Chemical peel customization included in this facial.. a must try! (55/60 minutes)

Reverse Facial $98 

This brightening facial is for sun-damage, age spots, dark spots and melasma.  Designed to progressively fade hyper-pigmentation.  Includes deep cleansing exfoliation, micro-dermabrasion exfoliation OR hydra radiance lactic peel, brightening radiance mask, skin lightening accelerator treatment with high frequency & more.  Includes a calming facial/ neck/ shoulder massage and hand or foot massage.  Truly a relaxing and effective treatment. Customized chemical peel included in this facial!  A must try for dark spots and aging skin.  (55/60 minutes)

Mini Facial $65  (40 minutes) 

Designed for those lacking time but still need all the benefits our estheticians have to offer for all skin care needs. Includes face and neck massage. (40 minutes)

Gemstone Facial $55

This naturally healing facial includes hot towel facial and neck wrap with aromatherapy scented towels. Hot stones are used with aromatic oils in combination with acupressure points to relieve facial and sinus tension. A blend of oils is then used on the head and scalp to soothe the senses and powerfully detoxify on many levels.  (30 minutes)

Men’s Deep Cleanse $80 

A facial designed to benefit all male skin types.  Provides deep pore cleansing, exfoliation, mask and steam to revitalize the skin. Includes face, neck and shoulder, and hand or foot massage.  Great for irritated skin from shaving or the environment.  (55 minutes)

Gentlemen’s Facial  $90 

Anti- aging facial for men.  Hydrating and renewing, treats fine lines and wrinkles, loss of firmness and sun damaged skin.  This relaxing facial will leave skin with an even tone, smooth texture and feeling completely refreshed.  (55/60 minutes)

Back Facial $95  

Experience the healing benefits of a facial perfected for your back. For those needing a little extra pampering, or for those with troubled skin conditions, let our esthetician meet your skin care needs.  (55 minutes)

The Gua Sha Facial  ** NEW**
45 min - $80
60 min - $100
75 min - $120

Bring your natural light to the surface with this ancient Chinese medicine modality that has taken over
the Western world of beauty in recent years because of its wide range of benefits. Touted as the
alternative to Botox and the “natural face-lift” for the noticeable lifting effects- immediate and long termdue
to the increased circulation, collagen production, and muscle contouring. Great for achieving a
healthy glow, and to reduce congestion and breakouts by stimulating lymph and blood flow. Natural Bian
stone- created when a meteor hit a mountain in ancient China, contains over 40 trace minerals, emits an
ultrasound pulse & an infrared ray- is pressed flat against skin surface while gliding along lymph
pathways to clear toxins & purify the skin from within.
*Includes an oil cleanse with steam towel & aromatherapy, gentle dry brush exfoliation, décolleté & neck
massage, Gua Sha massage, & finishing hot towel press for face and neck.
Longer sessions allow for more focused work on tension release in the muscles and lifting of the face.
Hyperpigmentation can be worked on, with results seen over time. Shorter session is great for clients
new to this modality, or for established clients seeking weekly work to maintain Gua Sha results.

The Holistic Facial  **NEW**
60 min - $110
75 min - $130

With non-invasive, highly effective tools such as high frequency and LED lights for acne, aging, &
discoloration, your esthetician is able to greatly improve the state of your skin with less touch than a
traditional facial. Pressure point massage, Gua Sha, & jade rolling increase blood flow, even skin tone, &
balance energy centers all with minimal touch. We even have the option for you to wear a mask during
this facial! This would mean you taking off the mask you entered with in order to do the cleanse, then
you would apply a kinesiology tape mask which just covers the nose and mouth. This allows you to wear
a small, clean covering during the treatment that your esthetician can work around, while you keep
peace of mind. (This is by no means required, but is an option for those wanting an extra precaution.)
*Includes double oil cleanse with UV sterilized steam towel, aromatherapy, and gentle dry brush
exfoliation, while utilizing a combination of high frequency, LED, pressure point, jade rolling, & Gua Sha
massage, depending on the allotted session time and client goals. Finish with aroma & hot towel press.
Only organic products used.
**Great for those dealing with maskne/mascne.
ADD-ON with Gua Sha or Non Invasive Facial  Organic vanilla sugar coconut oil lip scrub- $5

Cold, Flu, COVID-19 Protection

Please remember that we cannot see you for a massage or spa session if you are ill.  Please call and cancel your appointments right away if you even think you are coming down with a cold or illness.  Not only do we want to stay healthy as your therapist it is not recommended to get a spa treatment or massage when a virus or flu is in your system and can be dangerous.  If you are feeling ill please call right away to reschedule, please don't wait until the day of or the morning of your treatment.  If we recognize that you are sick we will kindly ask that you reschedule, this will save everyone time and save you a trip to the spa.  Please always check our cancellation policy when scheduling.  Please note, same day cancellations due to illness or emergency a small percentage is still collected for the therapists commission.  At the Haven we understand that last minute things can come up or you wake up sick, but we need something in place to protect our therapist.  We only strive to be the best in all ways!

Thank you ~ Haven