Body Treatments

Seawater Scrub   $90
Allow your stress to melt away as your entire body is made silky smooth. An herbal mixture blended with our special oils in massaged into the body, exfoliating and deeply moisturizing the skin.  (60 minutes)
Seawater Scrub with Steam   $95
Allow the power of seawater containing all naturally occurring trace elements to mineralize, balance, de-stress and restore cellular functions during this extremely hydrating body treatment. This scrub includes full body exfoliation using Phytoéane seawater salts and an herbal blend of massage oils to provide stimulation and energy to the skin. Our steam canopy tent is then place over you where you can relax during a soothing scalp massage and allow all your stress and anxiety to melt away. Steam canopy treatment is followed by full body moisturization. A truely replenishing and re-mineralizing treatment.  (75 minutes)
Ear Candling   $45
Ear candling is a safe and gentle way to clease the ear canal of any wax build-up and other obstructuons contributing to hearing loss, and various ear and sinus disorders.  (30 minutes)
Foot-stress Reliever   $40
For those who tend to neglect the most abused body part. Start with a relaxing foot scrub, while soaking the feet a in tea tree oil bath followed by a foot and lower leg massage.  (30 minutes)
Paraffin moisturizing bath   $30          Just Hands…$15          Just Feet…$20
Paraffin treatments for the hands and feet to soothe muscles and joint pain. Leaves your skin feeling beautifully silky smooth.  (15 minutes)
Steam Canopy Treatment…$40
The perfect compliment to any massage experience. Rejuvenate your body and mind while a canopy is placed over you and steam is used to detoxify and cleanse the body. Aromatherapy and face massage included. Highly effective for congestion and sinus problems.  (30 minutes)