About Haven

The Haven Spa A Wellness Center is owned and operated by Christine Schulz since November 15th 2003. The Haven Spa was created with the inspiration of well- being, health, beauty, and purification. The Haven name came from an idea to create a place that provides a feeling of comfort and safety where you can escape from your daily routine and lifestyle and take some time for yourself.   The spa has the ambiance of elegance yet coziness with a waterfall theme that helps immediately ease the mind and provide the feeling of relaxation and awakens the senses to allow for a true body – mind purification.

The Haven Spa offers massage therapy, facials and skincare, eyelash extensions, and waxing services.  Our massage team offers a wide variety of techniques to find something that customizes to meet all the needs and demands of our clients. We offer an array of facial services using Phytocéane, based on ocean marine therapies.  The Haven spa invites you to come and take time for “YOU” to relax and allow our specialized team to help bring out the best in you. To help you renew and find a peaceful state of deep relaxation and begin a spiritual journey to health and well- being. The Haven spa is a retreat for healing and wellness. It is a place to rid negative energy where your body can be purified not just physically, but where you can find an emotional sense of detoxification and release as well. The Haven Spa invites you to begin your journey towards health, beauty, and a balanced life.

The Haven Spa……………your haven away from home.

Christine Schulz
Spa Owner